Gvantsa Jishkariani

Gvantsa Jishkariani is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. After studying at Tbilisi State Academy of Art (BA in Architecture) she gained an Informal MA in Inclusive Mediation at Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi. In 2017, she won Tsinandali Award in visual arts.

Jishkariani is an artist whose primary medium is installation. Her work addresses first and foremost the topics of expectations, beliefs and taste. The temporary nature of the paradox that arises when searching for concrete definitions of right and wrong, east and west, old and new is one of her subjects of interest. 

Gvantsa’s art is inspired by serendipity and intuition. She starts each work with preconceived composition and idea, but mostly without preliminary sketches. She wonders how ancient superstitions, social media and surrounding trashy images influence on everyday life; how emotions, memories, views and personality is created.

Since 2014 she, with ten other female artists is part of an art group New Collective. In 2017, Jishkariani founded Patara Gallery in an underpass shop in Tbilisi, which is a space for experimental, denied or not-yet-seen art and for game-changing young artists. In 2018 Gvantsa co-founded a The Why Not Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia.