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Tbilisi, Tbilisi

5 July - 1 September, 2018

Project ArtBeat, 14, Pavle Ingoroyva str., Tbilisi, Georgia

Participating artists: Irakli Bugiani, Salome Dumbadze, Brian Griffin, Mamuka Japharidze, Kote Jincharadze, David Meskhi, Levan Mindiashvili, Maia Naveriani, Tsisia Shanshiashvili, Nino Sekhniashvili, Gio Sumbadze.

Project ArtBeat presents

Tbilisi, Tbilisi

A group show curated by Natia Bukia

"Tbilisi, Tbilisi is an exhibition about this city. Much about Project ArtBeat, the gallery, together with us, its founders, me, the curator and artists, the participants has been influenced by Tbilisi. The fact that our gallery is housed in one of the historic buildings of this city was maybe a coincidence but the one that somehow shaped and reshaped Project ArtBeat’s identity and stance. 

So this show is a personal and a collective dedication to this city, Tbilisi. To the way it has shaped us, the way it has inspired us, the way it has influenced us. But also this show is a proposition to more often look inside rather than look outside. A proposition to reminisce and think about our general surroundings which are much more than just a city. About the ones that from my personal experience somehow are often left less noticed."

Natia Bukia

Photo Credit: Angus Leadley Brown